June 13, 2017

Episode 2 – #TeacherStories The Student/Teacher Relationship in Adult Education

Last week a group of us visited Colleen Glover‘s Science and Math classroom at the Nova Career Centre of the New Frontiers School Board. We watched, listened, took pictures, and recorded some video footage. When the class was over, Avi Spector and Sonya Fiocco interviewed Colleen about what we had just seen in her classroom.

Observing the classroom

Once the formal interview was over, we settled into a conversation about a variety of topics. This podcast is an excerpt of that conversation and it focuses on the student/teacher relationship in Adult Education. Towards the end of the conversation, Colleen talks about how she uses Remind as a tool to keep in touch with her learners on a daily basis.

At times you may hear some banging – it is a sign of a passionate conversation and hitting the table for emphasis!
ETP = √Čtudiants √† temps plein (or full time students). If students are often absent, they can no longer be considered full-time and that can affect funding.

June 1, 2017

Episode 1 – #TeacherStories: A conversation with Emilie on how she organizes learning materials

*Note: I am learning how to integrate podcast posts into the blog, so I apologize if you receive this post twice! – Tracy*

This first podcast is a conversation with Emilie Bowles– History, Contemporary World, English (Sec 1-3), and Computer Science teacher at Nova Career and Education Centre in Chateauguay, Quebec. We talk about the tools she uses to organize resources for students as well as her own professional learning.

Music used in the podcast: Retro Soul from http://www.bensound.com

Resources mentionned in the podcast
Edmodo – I have never used it but I know a few teachers who really like it.
Microsoft Classroom – since our conversation, I have learned that Microsoft is discontinuing their classroom feature. A drag for those in Office 365 environments – THOUGH Google’s classroom is now open to anyone with a google account, be it personal or through your school board so that is helpful.
Emilie’s YouTube playlists
Collaborative slideshows as study aides and to facilitate feedback – see how this has been used for second language learners.
Loom chrome extension for video feedback
Connect – yearly learning and technology conference (in Canada!)
Google cardboard for virtual field trips
Aurasma – augmented reality book reviews
QR Codes – check out this video that talks about how QR Codes can help create equity in your classroom
La Classe CLIC – a flexible professional development room at CSSMI
Blogging in the Classroom
GIS – Geographic Information Systems
Kahn Academy – it has come a long way. I know teachers who use it for a variety of reasons – even for PD!